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Active Alts, Inc.
The adviser for the separately managed account (“SMA”) is Active Alts Inc. (the “Adviser”). The Adviser makes day to day investment decisions for the SMA and selects broker-dealers for executing portfolio transactions, subject to the brokerage policies established by the Adviser. The Adviser is owned by Brad Lamensdorf, its founder and President.

Ned Davis Research, Inc.
Founded in 1980, Ned Davis Research (NDR) is a leading independent research firm with thousands of clients worldwide. NDR's clients include professionals from global investment firms, banks, insurance companies, mutual funds, hedge funds, pension and endowment funds, and registered investment advisors.


NDR Wins Wealth & Money Management Awards - Best Global Investment Research Firm

Ned Davis Research was named as the 2018 Wealth and Money Management Awards- Best Global Investment Research Firm.

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Some of the most valuable offerings come from leaders with vastly differing backgrounds. We believe dual perspectives that are grounded in discipline are powerful.